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clifton park

When Mari, an eager to please college student, travels upstate with her theater idols, The Ambassadors, for a weekend “method acting” retreat to develop their latest play about a real-life sex cult, things quickly spiral out of control and the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred in a deadly way.​


writer, director, producer


A short film about a quiet but imaginative 8th grader, who attempts to find the courage to approach her secret crush while working on a production of Romeo & Juliet.


director, producer​


Two adult brothers are forced to renegotiate their tumultuous relationship after a traumatic accident leaves one of them disabled and the other must care for him.


writer, director, producer


A queer NYC stage manager reflects on her break-up while trying to manage the rehearsal of a play about a gay couple falling in love.


writer, director, producer

the yard

When Amber gets accepted into the college of her dreams, she must tell her jealous brother and only living family member about her plans to leave, and risk facing his wrath, or otherwise continue to live with him in squalor.


writer, director, creator

beyond bone

When adult siblings, Kaycee, Damien, and Talya (one biological and two adopted siblings) receive a macabre request from their mother, they must put aside their differences to make a timely decision.


writer, director​